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Please review and familiarize yourself with our camp policies below.  By completing a camp registration, you are agreeing to these policies.


All camp registration fees are subject to a full refund ‘no questions asked’ until June 15, 2021.  All camp registrations must be paid in full to secure your spot at camp.  All cancellations must be sent in writing to the registration office at All canceled weeks of camp after June 15, 2021 will be subject to a non-refundable $50 administration fee per participant.  If written cancellation is received by the registration office at least 14 days prior to start of the camp week, a refund (less the non-refundable $50 admin fee per child) will be provided.  If written cancellation is made to the registration office within 14 days of camp starting, consideration will be only given to either switching weeks or camp credit for next year.  No refunds will be provided once camp has started for any reason.  There are no refunds given due to inclement weather unless an indoor facility is unavailable.  If an indoor facility is unavailable to secure for inclement weather, refunds will be pro-rated based on half or full days (for more details, see Indoor Facility/Inclement Weather policy below). Any changes to your registered weeks of camp (i.e. switch to another week) after June 15, 2021 are subject to a $10 fee per occurrence. After June 15, 2021, there will be no refunds (only camp credit for future years) in the event we are prohibited from operating due to a governmental decree or lockdown related to COVID-19 or any other infectious disease emergency.


Royal Soccer Club reserves the right to change or update our policies, terms and conditions and/or programming as the Ministry of Health or health professionals may make recommendations and/or changes to the covid-19 guidelines prior to and/or during the summer.

Camp Ball & Shirt

Campers will only receive 1 camp soccer ball & 1 tshirt. If a camper attends 5 or more weeks of camp, he/she will receive a 2nd ball & tshirt on his/her 5th week of camp.

Lost/Stolen items Policy

RSC, its staff and members cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen belongings including clothing, soccer balls and electronics.  Campers should not bring valuables to camp.

 Indoor Facility / Inclement weather

Due to local and provincial restrictions, securing indoor facility permits for inclement weather periods is extremely difficult at the moment.  If Royal Soccer does not not have an indoor facility secured at the time of camp, during inclement weather times/days parents will be called to pick up their camper as soon as possible (within 30-45 minutes).  Pro-rated refunds would be provided based on half or full days, depending on how much time was missed due to inclement weather.  For example, if parents are called to pick up their camper at 10am due to inclement weather, a pro-rated refund of 20% (1 day of camp) of your registration fee will be refunded.  If parents are called at 2pm due to inclement weather, a pro-rated refund of 10% (1/2 day of camp) of your registration fee will be refunded.  Our camps run primarily outdoors so the only time camp would not run is during extreme inclement weather (refunds are only provided if Royal Soccer cancels camp that day, not if parents decide to cancel on their own).  We will continue to pursue securing indoor facilities as local and provincial restrictions lessen.  When we secure an indoor facility, camp will continue until inclement weather clears, soccer and active games will likely not be played indoors however our we’ll continue to have fun activities programmed. (updated June 9, 2021)


Enjoying a leisure fun swim during the afternoon is regularly a part of our camp program. The afternoon swim is subject to local & provincial restrictions and as such, indoor pools (and even some outdoor pools) may not be open and available for use some or most weeks.  We are hoping with the current progress on vaccinations, case counts and other measures, that indoor pools will become available to us at some point in August.  For campers who have signed up for the non-swim portion of camp so this will not affect their programming.  In the absence of an afternoon swim, our staff are dedicated to continuing to provide exciting programming, whether they swim or not.  During hot afternoons, our programming will be altered to include less active games in the shade and frequent water & rest breaks. (updated June 9, 2021)

Extended Care & Late Pickup

We offer a low cost before & after care option.  Our before care option (for drop off from 8:00-8:30am) is available for $15 per camper per week.  Our after care option (for pick up from 4:30-5:00pm) is available for $15 per camper per week.  If you want the before and after care option, the cost is only $20 per camper per week.   The before & after care service is non-refundable regardless of how many days that week you wish to use the service.


Please do not pick up your camper(s) any later than 5:00pm.  Any pick ups after 5pm will be subject to an onsite charge of $10 per 15 minutes, paid directly to onsite camp staff. We also reserve the right to ask you to withdraw from camp for multiple late pick up occurrences past 5pm.

Sign In/Out procedure

During the registration process, you’ll be asked to list the names of authorized people to drop off and/or pick up your camper.  The sign in/out procedure will be finalized closer to start of camp as we adhere to Ministry of Health protocols and best practices.  A camp reminder email will be sent approximately a week before the start of your camp with details on this procedure.  If your camper is not being signed in by a parent/guardian daily, please complete a Sign in/out release form available during the online registration process.


We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all participants. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at our camps. We reserve the right to ask you to remove your camper from camp if we deem the behaviour to be inappropriate. There are no refunds for campers that week if asked to withdraw mid-week.

 Nut Policy

We strive to maintain a nut-free camp and ask that you refrain from sending peanut or nut products to camp.

Service Animal / Support Persons Policy

We welcome people with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to the public. A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to have that person accompany them on our premises. For more information, you can request our full policy by emailing or calling 1-800-427-0536.


We do not offer pick up or drop off service.  On occasion, camp may have to travel offsite to another venue (swim facility, indoor facility or other) during inclement weather or other reason.  By registering for camp, you give permission to the RSC and its employees and volunteers to arrange for and facilitate bussing camper(s) to or from venues, if necessary.  If camp must travel offsite for any reason, we will arrange bussing and your onsite Supervisor will notify you.

Medical/Epipen form
For any medical issues or life threatening allergies, please complete the Medical/Epipen form available during the online registration process.

No waiting list
We do not have a waiting list for any of our camps, however, if registering for multiple weeks or multiple family members and a desired week is unavailable, please contact the Registration Office at 1-800-427-0536.

NSF/Stopped Cheques
NSF cheques, stop payments and returned payments are subject to a $25 service charge.

Post Dated Cheques
We require payment to secure your spot. If registering for multiple weeks and you wish to pay by cheque, you can postdate cheques as late as 14 days prior to each week of camp.  However, if you wish to receive the best available discounts, payment in full is required by the designated discount date.

Feedback Process
Royal Soccer Club welcomes feedback on how we provide accessible customer service. Customer feedback will help us identify barriers and respond to concerns. Customers who wish to provide feedback on the way Royal Soccer Club provides goods, services or facilities to people with disabilities can provide feedback in the following way(s): Fax, email, phone, in person (either at our office or camp locations), mail , other forms of communication as needed. All feedback, including complaints, will be dealt with on an individual basis by Managers and Program Director, as needed.  Customers can expect to hear back in 1 to 3 days. Royal Soccer Club will make sure our feedback process is accessible to people with disabilities by providing or arranging for accessible formats and communication supports, on request.

Photos & Video waiver & release
By registering for camp, you acknowledge that camp photos and video taken at soccer camp remain the sole property of such, and that they may be used in future and current print & online marketing campaigns including our website. You agree that RSC can collect, use, disclose and store personal information for purposes of grouping campers, collecting/processing payments, and email or mail promotional/marketing material.

Royal Soccer Club is committed to providing accessible services that allow persons with  disabilities to participate in camp activities wherever possible. We’re committed to compliance with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). Royal Soccer Club is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. Our policies for Accessible Customer Service Plan are available upon request to

Privacy Policy

RSC is committed to keeping the personal information of our campers, families, and clients accurate, confidential, secure, and private. Our Privacy Policy has been designed to inform families, clients, staff, and third parties of RSC of our commitment and recognition to meet the terms of the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA, January 1, 2004).

Consent to Use Personal Information

We may obtain your express consent to use personal information, or we may determine that consent has been implied by the circumstances. Consent could be in writing such as: signed registration form, signed medical or epipen forms, submitted e-forms online, or verbally in person or over the telephone.

Camp Safety Plan


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