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Summer Camp FAQs

  • Camp Sessions

    What’s NEW for the 2021 camp season?

    During this very challenging year, we’ve taken the time to plan and develop our best year of camp yet.  Here are just a few of the new items for 2021.

    • New website
      • We have completely revamped our website to make it easier to navigate,  more comprehensive and more informative.  We’ve also added a new method of registration payment accepted: e-Transfer.
    • ‘No questions asked’ full refund available until June 15, 2021
      • Yes, that’s right.  You can register early…today… and have the peace of mind that you can cancel at any time up until June 15, 2021 ‘no questions asked’ and get a full camp refund.  
    • New camp programming
      • We’ve made our already great programming even better.  We’ve introduced new games, activities and exercises all reviewed through the lens of inclusion, participation, learning and fun.  
    • Updated Safety plans and protocol
      • We live in different times since the covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, we’ve created a very detailed safety plan and return to camp operating guidelines developed using recommendations from health officials and provincial camping associations.
    • Reduced group sizes
      • To ensure a safer environment and to focus on providing the best possible camp experience to our campers, we have reduced the overall number of campers attending most of our camp locations.  This limited availability will make it even more important to register early for camp.  With our ‘no questions asked’ full refund until June 15, 2021, there is no reason not to register today. 


    What are camp session times?
    Morning sessions: 9:00am – 12:00pm
    Full Day sessions: 9:00am – 4:00pm

    For more details on early drop off and extended care, please go to our Camp Sessions section by clicking here.


    Do you offer an extended care option (early drop off or late pick up)?
    Yes.  We already have free drop off time from 8:30-9:00am and free pick up time from 12:00 – 1:00pm (for morning sessions) or 4:00-4:30pm (for full day sessions), however, we have extended care options available for purchase.

    For morning sessions, we offer extended before care from 8:00 – 8:30am ($15 per camper per week) and after care pick up from 12:30 – 1:00pm ($15 per camper per week).  If you purchase both the before and after extended care, you receive the extended care for $20 per camper per week (a $10 per camper discount).

    For full day sessions, we offer extended before care from 8:00 – 8:30am ($15 per camper per week) and after care pick up from 4:30 – 5:00pm ($15 per camper per week).  If you purchase both the before and after extended care, you receive the extended care for $20 per camper per week (a $10 per camper discount).

    The extended care option is based on a full week, regardless of how many days extended care is needed.  If you don’t require the extended care service for certain days, there is no discount or refund.  If you are registered for multiple weeks but don’t need extended care for all weeks, you can choose which week(s) you need extended care for.  If your camper is picked up later than the extended care pick up time (1pm for mornings or 5pm for full days), you will be charged a late fee of $10 per 15 minutes daily and/OR you may be asked to withdraw the participant from the program.


    What is the morning session programming like?
    Our morning sessions are popular for the families who just want a half day program and prefer a soccer focus. Mornings consist primarily of learning and playing soccer including a daily warm up, individual skill development, fun team games, soccer scrimmages and mini-Royal Cups. These morning sessions are coached and supervised by our staff in approximate ratios of 10 campers to 1 staff member (younger campers will have smaller ratios).

    Campers are grouped and coached by age, size and ability where possible. All boys and girls aged 5 to 13 of any skill level, from never playing before to competitive rep players, are welcomed to register (for older competitive rep players, please contact us regarding your soccer expectations at camp). We recognize that many of our campers attend for multiple weeks of camp, so we accommodate this by introducing weekly themes and vary up the games and exercises.


    What do you do in the afternoons?
    Our full days sessions are the most popular sessions. Full day sessions combine the soccer focus in the morning sessions (daily warm up, individual skill development, fun team games, soccer scrimmages and mini-Royal Cups) with an afternoon session with a ‘swim’ or ‘non swim’ option. Morning sessions are taught in an average group ratio of 10 campers to 1 staff member (younger campers will have smaller ratios) while afternoon sessions consist of a much smaller supervision ratio, especially in the pool. During the afternoon portion, campers will play various camp games and those who registered for the ‘swim’ option will also enjoy a leisure swim at the nearby pool for approximately an hour (some locations may not swim every day). If participating in the afternoon leisure swim, our campers are fully supervised by camp staff and pool lifeguards in accordance with the ratios and regulations. There are limited spaces available for the afternoon ‘swim’ option to ensure supervision ratios are safe and meet the pool regulations. In some locations, children aged 5, 6 or 7 may not be able to choose the ‘swim’ option. If you have any swim concerns, speak to your onsite Supervisor or contact us at 1-800-427-0536. There might not be any soccer played in the afternoon sessions.  We reserve the right to alter our programming subject to public health regulations and restrictions.


    When is lunch time?
    Our lunch time is scheduled between 12:00 – 1:00pm and is fully supervised by our camp staff.  Safety, food allergies and cleanliness are high priorities for our camp staff to consider during the lunch hour.   


    Are the weekly sessions the same each week?
    Each week our daily structure is generally the same, however, the games, activities, programming and themes we incorporate daily and weekly are different.  For example, we may host a ‘Superheroes Week’ where many of our games, activities and even team names are geared towards that theme.  We may certainly play or implement some of the more popular activities, exercises or games from time to time, but every week will have a variety of activity onsite.  We design our programming with the knowledge that some campers register for all weeks in the summer.


    Can you tell me more about afternoon swim?
    The afternoon swim is only available to campers who registered for the full day ‘swim’ option.  It is a fun, leisure swim fully supervised by camp staff & professional pool lifeguards but is subject to availability, ratios & regulations (some locations may not swim every day). From using multiple head counts to tight washroom supervision to informing campers of all pool rules/regulations to supervising campers in small ratios (subject to local pool regulations) we take camper safety extremely seriously. There are no formal lessons provided.  Campers may be required to rotate or share swim time at certain pools. For any swim concerns, see the onsite Supervisor.  We may have to alter or possibly eliminate the swim portion subject to local health professional’s guidance at the time of camp.

  • Inclement Weather

    What do you when it rains or during inclement weather?
    Our camp is run primarily outdoors, however, during inclement weather (rain, extreme heat, etc), our camp will go indoors or take shelter temporarily in a designated area until the inclement weather clears.  If it’s a light mist, activities will most likely continue outdoors as scheduled. In some locations and on some occasions, a school bus (or equivalent) may be required to bus campers and staff to a nearby indoor facility.  Supervisors will do their best to notify parents in advance if we need to bus campers offsite temporarily or for the day.  Programmed activities may be modified to suit the indoor facility used. Unfortunately, there are no refunds due to bad weather.


    What are the indoor activities?
    The indoor facility used varies from camp locations and sometimes even from week to week. Activities conducted will be subject to the facility used and will likely be modified. If inclement weather prevents us from following our regular schedule and teaching some of the scheduled soccer activities, we’ll do our best to make it up when the weather clears during the rest of the week. 


    How do you deal with the hot weather?
    As most of our programming is conducted outdoors, the summer heat is always a safety consideration for us.  From the moment campers arrive, we insist they apply sunscreen and then reminded several times throughout the day to do the same. During very hot periods, our activities are altered to ensure campers are not dehydrated or exhausted due to the heat. We make use of all the shade in the area and may even go indoors if the weather is too bad. 


    What if it’s too hot? Is there shade from the sun?
    If the weather is too hot, we take the camp indoors or organize quiet games in the shade with plenty of refreshments and breaks. Most facilities have ample trees and shade from the sun. We encourage campers to eat lunch in the shade.

  • Safety

    How are campers grouped?
    Our campers will be grouped in cohorts that meet the provincial requirement.  These cohorts are generally grouped by age (and if possible, skill level).  Cohorts will have their own camp counselor and maintain physical distancing from other cohorts wherever possible.  Our camp locations are located primarily outdoors at parks and fields where cohorts can operate within the same general area but maintain proper distancing.


    What is the camper to staff ratio?
    Our camper to staff ratio will conform to the local, provincial or federal return to camp guidelines.  This may differ slightly from province to province and may change as new health regulations are implemented.  In a normal year, during our morning soccer sessions, we aim for an average camper to staff ratio of 10 to 1 however, this will be dictated by the health guidelines. If registered and participating in the afternoon swim, ratios are much smaller especially for the 7 and under campers.  These ratios will also be dictated by both health guidelines and local pool regulations governing the specific pool at your camp location.


    How do you ensure safety and supervision?
    Safety and supervision are the most important factors for us at our camp. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we developed a detailed and comprehensive COVID-19 Safety plan that incorporates detailed safety procedures for covid-19 and other infectious diseases.  We have also developed a Return to Camp Operating Guidelines document that outlines further steps and procedures our staff will take to ensure the health and safety of all participants and staff at our camp locations.  Our comprehensive Return to Camp Guidelines and safety plan details how we’ll implement safety checks, physical distancing, cleaning and disinfecting, wearing masks where necessary, altering our programming and other safety procedures.  At RSC, it is important that our campers learn and have fun in a safe environment. 


    Can my child walk or ride his/her bike to camp?
    If a parent or guardian are NOT signing in or out their child at camp, a SIGN IN/OUT RELEASE form must be completed by the parent or guardian before camp starts.  This form is available online during the registration process or in-person with our Supervisor onsite. If a camper is walking, riding his/her bike or taxi/bus to camp or from camp, this form must be completed otherwise, all campers must be picked up and dropped off at camp. 


    Do I need to fill out any medical forms?
    If your child has an epipen (anaphylaxis allergy) or requires assistance with medication at the camp or has any other medical concerns please fill out and return to us by fax the following forms:



  • Age Limits & Ratios

    How old does my child have to be?
    A child must be at least turning 6 years old in the 2021 calendar year.


    What if my child is too old to attend your camp but wants to participate?
    If your child is 14 years old or older at the time of camp, he/she can volunteer at camp. Click here to apply as a volunteer.  Volunteering is a great opportunity for kids aged 14 and 15 as they not only get a chance to give back to the community and achieve their community volunteer hours but they also get some valuable experience at camp which will help them attain summer camp employment in future years.


    How many girls register for camp?
    Royal Soccer is committed to promoting girls in sport (for more information, click here).  Approximately 40-50% of our campers are girls of all ages.  We continue to break down barriers of entry for girls to participate in sport as that is an important goal of our club.

  • Fees & Discounts

    What are the camp fees and discounts?
    For details on our camp fees and discounts, please click on the appropriate link below:

    For Morning Sessions, click here.

    For Full Day Sessions, click here


    What method of payment can I use?
    Families have several payment options to pay for camp fee during the online registration process:

    • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit)
    • E-transfer
    • Cheque 


    Do you offer any subsidy?
    We work closely with Children’s Aid Societies, Boys and Girls Clubs and programs like Jumpstart and Kidsport to help disadvantaged children get the opportunity to attend camp.  Unfortunately, we don’t offer individual subsidies, however, we can help families finding a local subsidizer in your city. For more details on subsidy organizations in your area contact our head office at 1-800-427-0536 or click here.

  • What Do I Bring?

    Do we need shin pads and soccer shoes?
    Shin pads and soccer shoes are not mandatory, however, if you wish to bring them for use during the morning sessions you can. We recommend campers wear running shoes, especially in case the camp must go indoors.


    Do we bring our own lunch & snacks?
    If you are attending morning sessions, there is no need to bring a lunch unless your camper wishes to each lunch with the group. But we do highly recommend bringing snacks and drinks in a cooler or lunch bag.

    If you are attending full days sessions, you must send lunch, snacks and drinks with your camper.  We recommend storing all drinks and food in a cooler or lunch bag. 

    All food (snacks and lunch) must be peanut and nut free as some campers may be allergic to these items.  We strive for a nut free camp environment.


    Are there any food products I should not bring?
    Yes, please do not bring peanuts or any nut products to camp.  We strive to maintain a nut-free camp and ask that you refrain from sending peanut or nut products to camp. If for any reason nut products are accidentally brought to the camp, our staff follow our safety procedures to ensure a safe environment for everyone.


    Do we need to bring a soccer ball?
    Every camper will be given a Royal Soccer soccer ball on their first day of camp for them to keep.  Campers are expected to bring this soccer ball home and back to camp each day.  There is a spot on your soccer ball to write your name and our camp staff will assist with this.  

    Campers will only receive 1 camp soccer ball. If a camper attends 5 or more weeks of camp, he/she will receive a 2nd ball & tshirt on his/her 5th week of camp.  Royal Soccer is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged soccer balls (or any other items brought to camp).  


    What if we lose the soccer ball or camp tshirt?
    A lost camp soccer ball or tshirt cannot be replaced, however, families have the option to either purchase an additional camp soccer ball ($15) or they can bring their personal soccer ball from home. Additional camp tshirts can be purchased for $8, however, it is not necessary that campers wear their camp shirt every day.  


    How do I buy something from the Camp Store?
    We have lots of cool camp items available for purchase like necklaces (over 30 different styles), camp hats, digital camp photo, training balls, spray fans and so much more.  All of our camp gear is available for purchase during the online registration process including a couple of package deals with amazing discounts.  Most of the camp gear is also available for purchase onsite during camp except the for the online package deals available during the registration process. 

    If you purchase a digital camp photo, please be sure to inform our Supervisor onsite of which photo you would like (group photo or individual photo of camper).  Your purchased digital photo will be emailed to you shortly after your camp week ends.

  • Registration

    How do I register for camp?
    The best way to register for camp is online by clicking here.  This is the quickest and easiest to secure your spot.  You can even choose to pay by various methods.  If you wish to register for camp by mail or fax, please contact our head office at 1-800-427-0536 or email: info@royalsoccer.com and we’ll provide you more details.  Registration by telephone is not accepted.  


    What happens if my child does not like the camp?
    Our programming, developed over the last 3 decades, has proven to be very effective in creating a fun, safe and learning atmosphere at camp, however, we understand that, for whatever reason, some campers may not enjoy every aspect of camp.  Please let us know if your camper is not enjoying the camp and why.   We’ll do our very best to address your concerns as we take feedback very seriously.  While there are no refunds once camp has started, we’ll do whatever we can to make your experience more pleasurable which may include switching groups or slightly altering our program to accommodate certain needs (if possible).


    Can I be in the same group as my friend?

    When you register online, there is a spot where you can ask to be grouped with a friend.  Please list the full name of the camper whom you son/daughter wishes to be grouped with and we’ll do our best to accommodate this request as long as the ages of the friends/family members is similar.


    How does this camp compare to other soccer camps?
    We like to think that all camps provide value to children if run properly, however, our camp differs from many others in our approach to coaching and teaching.  We are much more than just a soccer camp…our program fosters the development of individual skills, team building and life skills. Not only do we teach grassroots soccer skills and exercises but we also strive to teach our campers life skills in a fun environment with fantastic, energetic, and experienced instructors.


    If my child really likes camp, can we sign up for more weeks?
    Yes absolutely…but subject to availability.  Many of our camp weeks fill up very quickly….long before camp even starts.   If you wait too long, the enrolment might be full.  Feel free to take advantage of our new ‘no questions asked’ full refund policy that runs until June 15, 2021.  You can register now and know that you can get a full refund ‘no questions asked’ if you cancel by June 15, 2021. 


    Who is your camp staff?
    We are lucky at Royal Soccer because every year we receive many requests to work at or return to our camps. Not only do our staff have experience with children and backgrounds in soccer but they are passionate and committed to making a positive difference in the lives of every Royal Soccer camper.  Our caring and responsible staff foster a child centered approach at our camps. We have a high rate of returning staff each year and, with high expectations, we want our staff to continuously be pursuing additional learning and qualifications. All staff must endure interviews, participate in multiple training sessions and provide a police background check.

    Many of our staff are past campers and volunteers that have come back year after year to share their passion for working with children in sport. The experience our staff take away from working at our camps lasts a lifetime. As year pass, many of our alumni staff recall working at our summer camps as the most rewarding job in their life.

  • Find Your Location

    We have camps in 6 provinces across Canada.  Click on your province below for a list of camp locations in your area. 

    Nova Scotia





    British Columbia

Covid-19 FAQs

  • Are you running camp this summer?

    Yes we are planning to run camp this summer.  We missed camp so much last year, we can’t wait for summer 2021.  We know that this pandemic has been very challenging, especially lately, however, from listening to Public Health and Provincial Camp Associations, we’re confident day camps will be running this summer.   We strongly believe that the safety precautions and protocols that all day camps will follow will ensure a safe, healthy environment for all participants.

  • What covid-19 safety precautions will you be taking?

    At Royal Soccer, we have prepared a detailed Covid-19 Safety Plan along with Return to Camp operating guidelines. We have and continue to review local, provincial and federal return to camp guidelines and alter our protocols to meet or exceed the recommendations from health professionals. These protocols will involve limiting group sizes, frequent cleaning and disinfecting equipment and frequently used areas, physical distancing, and wearing masks where needed.  We may alter or revamp our programming to accommodate health and safety recommendations as needed.  Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our campers, staff and visitors is most important.

  • How do I redeem my credit from last year?

    When our registration is open for the 2021 camp season, we’ll email you the process for redeeming your credit from last year. It will be as simple as selecting a method of payment called ‘camp credit from 2020’ during the registration process. If you are registering for more weeks than you have a credit for, instructions for payment will be included in this email. You can expect registration for camp 2021 to be open at the beginning of January 2021.

  • Is my 2020 credit towards 2021 refundable?

    No, the 2020 credit is a non-refundable credit to be used towards the 2021 season. You may transfer this credit to another family member in 2021 or a future year if necessary (future years’ credit will only be applied as a monetary value towards the registration fee).

  • What if I can’t use my 2020 credit for the 2021 season?

    You have the option of transferring your 2020 credit to a family member or friend. If you plan on transferring a credit to someone else, please email info@royalsoccer.com to inquire about this process.

  • How will Royal Soccer respond if there is a COVID-19 case at camp?

    Royal Soccer is working with Public Health to develop a communication plan for a suspected case or confirmed case of COVID-19. We will be following all guidance in communicating to appropriate parents, guests and staff. In planning for the summer, we are taking the appropriate precautions to ensure minimal impact should a COVID-19 case be present at camp.

  • What if I have a question about my account?

    For any questions about your account or password, please contact us by telephone (1-800-427-0536) or email (info@royalsoccer.com) and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.

  • If camp cannot run in summer 2021, will my fees be refunded or credited?

    If it is determined after June 15, 2021 that Royal Soccer cannot run summer camp, your fees will be held as a credit to Summer 2022.  We will do our best to provide refunds where possible. If you need to cancel your registration, the 2021 Terms & Conditions will apply.

Virtual Camp FAQs

  • What is your instructor/participant ratio?

    Each session will have 12 participants or less with 2 instructors (1 is the moderator/quality control). We try to keep the groups small to promote more engagement and interaction.

  • What computer or technical equipment do I need?

    Your experience would be best on a computer or a laptop (either PC or a MAC) with a good audio & webcam. Mobile/cell devices are possible but could pose challenges.

  • Will I need any supplies or equipment?

    Each participant should bring a soccer ball to the session. If participants are allowed (by parents) to use their shoes in the house where they are viewing the session, they can do so. Any other supplies needed would generally be available in most households and you will be notified in advance.

  • When will I receive the information on how to log into my session?

    We will send an email with information about your session a few days prior to the session start date. This email will outline all the necessary information required for your session. Our virtual sessions will be conducted on Zoom.

  • Do parents need to be involved?

    Some parental involvement may be required to check in and start up the session based on their age and technical level. In most cases, the child can independently attend and participate in the session without any involvement from the parent. Depending on your comfort level of your child with technology and their ability to maintain attention, you may wish to be present at the beginning or end of the session. We design the sessions such that parents don’t need to be involved throughout the hour, however, children may need your assistance in getting the Zoom meeting going at the start.

  • What are the time slots?

    Please refer to the Session Schedule on our website by clicking here.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Royal Soccer Club is currently offering limited spaces for our Virtual Royal @ Home camps so please be sure you want the virtual session as we likely cannot provide a refund. Thank you for your understanding.

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