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In the Community

Community Heroes

Community development is very important to us at Royal Soccer Club. By employing local staff and using neighbourhood facilities, we help each local community thrive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many local community centres, swimming pools, churches and schools who work with us in facilitating our summer camp program.

It’s not unusual for kids to receive a tour of a Fire Rescue vehicle or have a Q & A period with their local police officer. 

Building strong relationships with hardworking, local heroes is something that we take great pride in.

We love to reach out to our local Police Departments, Fire Stations, and other representatives where we host our camps and invite them to visit our program.

Many of our campers get to meet local firefighters, police officers and other community service professionals and learn more about the people who keep us safe.


We would like to thank the many amazing Royal Soccer Club supporters across the country! Thanks to their financial donations and supports, thousands of children get the opportunity to participate in our camps that may not otherwise have the chance.

We believe that summer day camp experiences have a long-lasting impact on every camper. We help build life skills such as leadership, confidence, problem solving and team building, while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Donations to the Royal Soccer Fund help families in financial need to provide their children with an opportunity that has a lasting impact. Contact us to find out how you can donate.

Royal Soccer Club has a long history of supporting campers experiencing financial need through our strong relationships with local community organizations. Each year, we proudly donate hundreds of weeks of camps to over 70 organizations across Canada.

These include Children’s Aid Societies, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and many other family and children’s organizations.

We also donate camp weeks to school fundraisers. While we do not provide donations directly to individual families, we work with many organizations across the country that we can put you in touch with. Connect today and inquire.

Financial Assistance

As a non-profit organization, we work hard to keep camp costs to a minimum to ensure that all children can attend. We recognize that some families may have some financial concerns, which is why we work closely with the following two organizations to create opportunities for kids to come to camp:


KidSport Canada is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids 18 and under. Through a confidential application process, KidSport provides grants so children can play a season of sport. For more information on Kidsport in your province, click below.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a charitable program that supports participation in organized sports and recreation to low-income families. Their goal is to help remove financial barriers. Funding is typically available for kids and youth between the ages of 4 and 18. For more information please contact 1-877-616-6600.

RSC Around the World

While our summer camps are in Canada, our reach knows no borders! Over the years, we’ve sent soccer balls and equipment to countries on 4 continents. When our staff and friends travel, especially to places with fewer opportunities, we provide items to help children play and stay active.

At Royal Soccer, we’re uniting the planet one kick at a time! Some countries we’ve supported include:

Promoting Girls in Sports

We understand the importance of promoting girls in sport. It doesn’t just help promote physical health, it also contributes to the development of confident, empowered individuals who can positively impact other aspects of their lives.

Confidence Building

Perseverance, failure, and risk-taking contribute to confidence building, but gender differences also play a role, as girls may be discouraged from making mistakes or taking risks, while boys are often rewarded for doing so. Other factors contributing to lower participation by girls in certain areas include:

In some communities, girls have fewer opportunities and fewer facilities to participate in sports than boys.

Despite progress in recent years, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity of female athletes may exist (whether perceived or real). Some girls experience bullying and other forms of abuse due to this social stigma.

Unfortunately, community and school budgets are being cut across the country contributing to fewer opportunities available at an affordable cost.

Today’s youth are inundated with images of external beauty, not necessarily of strong female athletic role models. The perceived beauty and peer pressure to meet images of these role models can be difficult for girls, especially if it is not offset by strong encouragement and care.

Royal Soccer Club is dedicated to encouraging and fostering the participation of girls in sport by trying to eliminate barriers by creating an environment where girls feel comfortable, safe, valued, and encouraged to participate in all activities. It is important that girls have the same opportunities to learn life skills in the same way boys do.

A sporting or camp experience that encourages socializing, fun and creativity will influence the participation and confidence of girls in sport. We make sure our culture is not about winning or losing but enjoying the experience of participating.

At Royal Soccer, we don’t stress the need to be competitive. We understand some children will be more competitive than others and we don’t want to hinder that. For us, the most important thing is participation and continued learning in a safe and fun environment.

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to learn advanced soccer skills from our staff, but we focus on helping create an engaging and encouraging atmosphere for all girls.

While we are very excited and proud of our program, we are always looking to receive feedback from our participants. Whether it’s instant feedback onsite after an activity, or through online parent surveys, all comments and feedback about our program are taken seriously and reviewed constantly to ensure the best possible experience for our families.

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