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Best Way to Prepare for a Summer Job

Yes, it’s January but right about now you’re probably thinking ‘what’s my summer gonna look like?’.

What kind of summer job am I going to have?  The summer is full of opportunity but is the planner that often gets the best job.  Here are a few insights on the best way to prepare for a summer job…

What are you looking for?

The first step is to think about what kind of summer job you want.  Outdoors vs Indoors?  Factory vs working with kids, etc.  There are plenty of opportunities available but you have to determine what is important to you.  What motivates you?  Do you want experience in a certain field or do you want to have fun during the summer.  Are you starting to build your resume? Or are you just looking to have a good time? Keeping your motives in mind will help you gain a better understanding of what opportunity best suits your needs.

Where do you start?

Years ago, an employer would post a ‘Help Wanted’ sign and interested candidates would drop in and provide their resume.  Today, interested candidates have access to many different ways of applying… which can actually be overwhelming at times.  Google searching ‘summer camp jobs’ is fine but you are more likely to get job ads from all over the world than local opportunities. Using third party websites such as Indeed or your University/College job board will provide you with local opportunities.  You can also find great success in going straight to the source; the company’s website.

TIP: Make your resume or application stand out. In a world where everything looks the same, employers really value individuality. This is why understanding your motives, for finding a summer position, is crucial to your success in finding your perfect summer job. It not only saves you from having a generalized search, but it also saves you time from applying to jobs that you will not benefit from.

How can you set yourself up for success during an interview?

Research! You may be asking ‘Why do I need to research? this is just a summer job’.  Preparing & researching every aspect of the job and company gives you an edge on your competition. From the moment you pick up the initial call from an employer you are being interviewed. TIP: Usually the initial call is the deciding factor of bringing you in for an interview or not!

A job posting is perfect to gain understanding of the what the position consists of. Majority of the time employers list the hours of work, job requirements, as well as the wage in the job positing, to help you decided if the position is right for you. However, taking your research a step further to investigate the company is also a fantastic way to give yourself an edge over other candidates. Looking at the company’s website, will give you a more in depth look of the culture or environment to expect at the job.

Candidates who have questions for employers during an interview stand out more than the others. If you have ever had an interview with a potential employer you know that at the end of the interview they will ask you if you have any questions. Now this can either be an awkward pause or it could be an opportunity to elevate yourself above the other candidates, vying for the same position.  It is important to do the research so you can go in with a prepared question. TIP: Try to ask questions that can’t be answered by reading the job description.

Looking for a summer job can be difficult. There are so many opportunity’s that it can become overwhelming to decide how you want to spend your summer. If you take your time to listen to your wants and needs you will be successful in finding the right fit. Although there are many opportunities, they unfortunately do not stay vacant forever. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a summer job once the school year is over, whether it be in April or June, there are thousands of other people looking at the exact same time. To secure a position at your perfect summer employment, you must start looking and applying in January.  

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