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Convenient Locations

When choosing the best location for each one of our Royal Soccer Club camps, we take many things into consideration.

Naturally we look for a great soccer field as well as indoor and swimming facilities, but we also care about having a location that is convenient! That means making it easy for families to get to. This includes have parking spaces for quick drop-offs and pick ups, and located within the city for easier access.  This also makes it more accessible for families who don’t drive to still get to us by walking, cycling or taking public transit. 

Multiple Camp Locations

In some cities we have multiple camp locations located approximately 5 – 15 minutes apart! This makes it easier for families to choose the most appropriate and convenient location from home or work – or both.  We have over 100 locations across Canada offering super fun, high quality soccer day camps all summer long for kids 5-13 years old. For more details on our locations, click here.

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