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10 things only SUMMER CAMP PARTICIPANTS will understand

  1. COUNTDOWN IS ON! – Countdown to the first day of camp starts at the end of the last year’s camp season – ya, it’s a long countdown.
  2. CAMP STAFF – You can’t wait to see if your favourite camp staff is back again this year. And if there is a new counselor, you’re sure to be their favourite!
  3. CAMPER FOR LIFE – You dread the day that you will no longer be a camper…but then realize your camp experience can continue as a volunteer or CIT.
  4. BUTTERFLIES GONE – No matter how many summers you’ve attended camp, you’re always a little nervous about the first day. But after 5 minutes, all butterflies disappear.
  5. FRIENDS FOR LIFE – You are always looking to make new friends at camp. You ask your parents if you can have a play date with your camp friends on the weekend because seeing them Monday-Friday just wasn’t enough
  6. SUNSCREEN ME – You go through at least 5 bottles of sunscreen throughout the summer because you remember your parents reminding you.
  7. WATERBOTTLE CHALLENGE – You and your friends started a tally to see who refilled their water bottle the most throughout the day, but in reality, you should have been keeping track of how many washroom trips you took!
  8. NO MORE WIFI – You don’t even remember that WIFI and video games exist because you’re too busy playing camp games and making new friends.
  9. OH NO, SCHOOL’S BACK! – When the summer is coming to an end, you start to panic because that means that camp season is almost over.
  1. CAMP NEVER ENDS – You wear your camp shirt to the first day of school and can’t wait to tell your school friends all about the amazing time you had at camp!

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