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5 Misconceptions about Virtual Camp

Here at Royal City Soccer Club, because the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to cancel our in-person summer camps this year, we’ve created an amazing new virtual camp for boys and girls aged 7 to 13.  But not everyone is convinced that Virtual Camps are for them, so we wanted to clear up a few common misconceptions about virtual camps, especially here are Royal City Soccer Club.  Here are the 5 most common misconceptions about Virtual Camp:

1 – My kids are going to be bored….

Our Virtual Royal Camp @ Home is designed from scratch to create very engaging, fun and creative interactive 1 hour virtual camps.  Each session will include various interactive games, warm up and daily physical activity, soccer skills and exercises, story of the day, trivia, jokes and so much more.  Our program has been created to keep the virtual participants engaged in a fast moving session that includes to much in just 1 hour a day.   

2 – My kids won’t be active…

Most parents, understandably, are tired of their children being on screens all day.  We understand this frustration so in each of our 1-hour sessions we’ve incorporated physical activity into at least half of the session.  Even though our virtual participants will be using a screen, they will constantly be active throughout the hour.

3 – They won’t get any soccer…

Being a soccer club who prides itself in providing soccer programming, its important to us to incorporate soccer skills and exercises into every single virtual session.  While it certainly is a little more challenging teaching soccer skills through a virtual environment, we’ve tried to create 2 separate soccer sections into most of our daily virtual sessions.

4 – We don’t have enough space…

While some virtual campers have access to a backyard while participating in our virtual sessions, you don’t need to be outside and you don’t need a lot of space.  Most of the active portions of our sessions, including the soccer exercises, only need about a space about 5 feet x 5 feet. 

5 – We don’t know if we can meet the technical requirements…

To participant in our virtual camps, all you need is a computer or tablet with a camera and internet access.  Our virtual sessions are conducted on Zoom but if you aren’t familiar with Zoom, we’ll provide you simple instructions upon registration on how to log in.  Our Instructors will also teach and help participants learn the basics of Zoom so that they can participate and enjoy all aspects of the session. With several sessions available each day to all boys and girls aged 7 to 13 throughout the whole summer,  we hope to see you register soon.

Also, be sure to check out the cool highlight video of our first week of Virtual Royal Camp @ Home by clicking here.

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