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A Day in the Life of an RCSC Camper


8:30am – Mom needed to get to work for 9, so she dropped me off early at camp. I was a bit nervous at first, but my camp counsellor was super nice, and there were a few kids my age that were there early too. We played some circle games while we waited for camp to begin, so I already knew everyone’s names.

9:30am – Camp started and they got us all into a group to give out everyone’s soccer ball and camp t-shirt. They wrote my name on my ball so everyone knows it’s mine! After that they told everyone about the camp rules, and broke us up into groups. I’m with the other 5-7 year olds. We’re going to learn about soccer now!

10:30am – We’ve been playing different soccer games this morning, and I’m learning a lot today! I was a little nervous cause I’ve never played soccer before, but that’s okay because a lot of my new friends have never played before either. Our camp counsellor told us today we’d be focusing on dribbling (that’s when you move the ball with your feet), and tomorrow we’d work on a new skill. I like that we can learn using games. Now we’re having a break, which means getting lots of water, a snack, and most importantly, putting on more sunscreen!

12pm – It’s lunch time now! Half-way through we stopped to take pictures; I’m excited for my parents to see them!  Right before lunch the whole camp played a game all together (they called it a scrimmage), which was a tonne of fun! The camp counsellor told us that after lunch we’re going to walk over to the pool to go swimming. This is turning out to be the best day ever!

2pm – We’re back from the pool, and I had so much fun! Now we’re going to take another water break, then play some camp games all together. They said they had some super fun ones planned out, so I’m excited to see what they might be! I hope we play capture the flag, cause that’s always my favourite in gym class.

4pm – It’s pick-up time now they say, which means that camp is over for the day. My mom doesn’t get off work until later, so she won’t pick me up for a while still. I’m kind of happy about that, cause that means I can play with my friends a bit longer! The camp counsellors brought out the nets again, so we’re going to try to score goals on each other while we wait for our parents.

4:50pm – Mom picked me up, and I almost fell asleep on the car ride home! She says I’m going to sleep well tonight. I can’t wait to go back to camp tomorrow and see all my friends again, and my camp counsellor. They said this week is colours week, and tomorrow everyone is going to dress up in the craziest colours they have.

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