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Bring Summer Camp Home

The fun doesn’t stop when camp ends; there are plenty of games and activities that can be played from the comfort of your own home! Here are a few that we love to play:

  • Drip-Drip-Splash (spin-off of duck-duck-goose) Great for a hot day, and should be played outside!
    Everybody sits in a circle and one person goes around and drips water on the player’s head. The person who gets picked to be “splashed” on gets the rest of the cup poured on their head. The player who gets “splashed” must chase the picker around the circle to an empty spot to avoid becoming the next picker.
  • Freeze Dance This game is creative and fun for all ages!
    Have one person put some music on and have everyone dance around until the person decides to turn it off. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze! Anyone who moves will be considered out and can help judge those freezing during the next round. Make the game exciting by giving points to people with the most creative pose!
  • Crab Walk Soccer Both entertaining and fun, this game can be played two ways depending on the number of people involved.
    6+ players: There can be two teams that sit opposite to each other a short distance apart. Two teams sit on lines a short distance apart. Players on both teams are assigned a number, starting at number one on each team. Place the soccer ball in the center of the two lines. Have someone call a number and the player from each team who is assigned that number has to crab walk to the center and attempt to get the ball over the opponents’ goal line! Once someone scores, the game is frozen and the ball is back in the center for the next round.
    <6 players: This game can be played without numbers, and have everyone divide into teams and attempt to score!
  • Aussie Catch This game can also be referred to as ‘Down, Down, Down’.
    It can be played with any number of people and starts with someone throwing a ball continuously back and forth until someone drops it. When someone drops the ball everyone says “down on one knee” and the person must drop down and continue play on one knee. If the same person drops it a second time then everyone says “down on two knees”. If the same person drops the ball again everyone says “down on one elbow”. If it happens again everyone says “down on two elbows”.  It then goes to chin and then that person is out but can still stay in the position he/she is in to catch the ball and throw the ball.
  • Character Bingo Fun for a rainy day and allows everyone to get creative and learn more about each other!
    Print out some sheets of everyone’s favourite TV/movie/book characters and create some bingo boards. Use copies of the pictures to call out the bingo board. First one with a straight line wins!

– Office Coordinator, Burlington


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