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Choosing the right summer camp

The time has come… school is almost out and summer is just around the corner.  That can only mean one thing: summer camp time. But how do you choose the right camp for your child(ren)? Keep reading for our list of everything to keep in mind when picking your camp.

Interests & Hobbies

The first and most important thing to keep in mind when looking for summer camps is your child’s interests. What activities drive their interest? Are they active and want to run around outside all day?   Are they outside with their friends practicing a sport? Choosing a camp that focuses on an activity that sparks their interest is an important first step for a happy camper.

Goals & Expectations

It’s important to keep in mind, not only what activities your child will be doing at camp throughout the summer, but also what you and your child’s goals and expectations are. Is your child active throughout the school year but once summer comes around they transform into a couch potato? Look into an active camp, such as a sport’s camp. Do you have a child looking to overcome shyness? Check out the local theatre camps. Setting goals and working together to meet them throughout the summer is a great way to boost your child’s confidence.

Time Management

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start researching! During this process, don’t forget to consider your own needs. Are you a parent or guardian that stays home throughout the day, or will you need childcare when school is out? This is important in your planning, as each camp has its own timing and schedule. If you need full day coverage, look for a camp that runs an early drop-off and late pick-up service. If you need childcare for the whole summer, look for a camp that offers discounts if you sign up for multiple weeks at a time. These are great tools for working parents!


We know that camp can sometimes get pricey, especially if you are looking to enrol for a full summer. If you’re on a budget, be sure to look into subsidies or inexpensive quality camps. Some camps offer their own subsidies, but there are also lots of great subsidy organizations out there for parents looking to get their children into camp during the summer. We personally work extensively with JumpStart, KidSport, as well as the local CAS, Family Services & Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations.

The good news is…Royal City Soccer Club checks all the boxes.  Great hours, supervision and cost.  Excellent activities, program and drop off / pick up times.  Fantastic discounts for multiple weeks/families.

With all that in mind, you’re ready to start booking! Don’t forget to add us onto your camp list this summer!

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