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How to ace that summer job interview

Winter is in full swing-the snow is falling, the temperatures are freezing-which can only mean one thing: we’ve started hiring for the summer! This year we’re joined by Renzo, our East Hiring Manager (ON & NS) as well as Rachael, our West Hiring Manager (MB, SK, AB & BC) who have been hard at work to fill the almost 300 positions we’re looking to hire across the country.

With interviews from sunrise to sunset, I decided to sit down with our two hiring managers to hear, straight from the source, exactly what it is that makes up a successful interview. Below are their thoughts on what you can do to ace that interview with them!


When it comes to interviews, I like to compare it to the quote made famous by Forest Gump: “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

That is how I approach interviews; you truly never know what you are going to get. That can be a scary thought for someone, which is why I always give this advice for people going into interviews:

Always communicate:

  • Make sure to have certain points you want to convey during an interview. You are, essentially, selling yourself so do not be shy on giving yourself props!

Dress to impress:

  • Trust me, it is always better to overdress than to underdress. Even if all you have is a suit and tie, that looks much better than those jeans that you always use with your favorite shirt that you think gives you luck!

Put the phone away:

  • This is one of my personal pet peeves. Unless we have a direct need for your phone, please keep it away and make sure it is on silent. Better yet, leave it in the car! No need to have it out on the desk while you are answering questions.

Be confident:

  • Yes, interviews can be scary at times, but there are very few feelings that beat the feeling of coming out of a interview full of confidence, feeling that you did a great job. Moreover, the only way to leave the interview feeling like that is if you entered the room confident. Please also remember there is a difference between confidence and arrogance/cockiness.

It is ok to take a breath:

  • If you ever feel stuck or lost for words, take a few seconds, breath, and then speak. No point on awkwardly mumbling out answers that you are not fully confident about. Taking your time to answer questions is completely ok!

Eye contact:

  • Once you have gathered information and are ready to give an answer to a question, make sure you are directing that answer at the right person. Do not look at your feet or at the wall when you are answering a question, make sure you are directing your answers with your eyes.


As the West HR Manager for Royal Soccer, I tend to conduct the majority of my interviews via Skype. Below are my tips to remember when interviewing through Skype!

Use a laptop or a computer:

  • Having your Skype interview on a desktop or laptop computer reduces connectivity issue, shakiness, as well as increases picture quality. A Skype interview should be treated like any other interview. Having a good video device could be the difference between landing the job and being looked over for a lack of preparation.

Watch your environment:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all time, especially during an interview. While it is nice to do an interview in the comfort of your own home, be wary of getting too comfortable. Look in the background of your video to see if there are any objects that could either be harmful, inappropriate, or even embarrassing for your potential employer to see (you’d be surprised at what we’ve seen before!).

Dress to impress:

  • You might be doing your interview in your bedroom, but you don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed! Remember that your first impression means everything, and this is the perfect opportunity to break out that button-down and tie.

Be Professional:

  • No matter what you are interviewing for ALWAYS stay professional. Watch the words you use while speaking, avoiding um’s, like’s, etc. Using these words can come off as you being unprepared for the interview. Also remember, you may add your new friends on Instagram or Facebook, but it’s not recommended to do so with your interviewer. If you’re looking to connect via social media, LinkedIn is a much better idea.

Eye contact:

  • Keeping eye contact is just as important over Skype as it is in person. Avoid looking at your own video, and focus on the interviews face, or the view finder. Having good eye contact show that you are engaged and present in the moment.

I hope we’ve given you a lot of tips to help prepare for any interviews you might have coming up, whether with us here at Royal Soccer, or with whatever summer job you’re looking for. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet with all of the fantastic candidates applying for us this summer, and wish everyone the best of luck. And lastly, I’ve saved the best tip for the end…

 APPLY NOW! You can’t get an interview (or a job) that you haven’t applied for, so be sure to apply today!

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