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How virtual camp helps prepare you for Back to School

As we all know camp has looked different this year as many camps have switched to virtual camp.  Here at Royal City Soccer Club we have ran a successful virtual camp, each week focusing on a different topic to spark interest in the campers while maintaining our focus of developing soccer skills.   Camp always helps develop different skills and has many benefits. Today we are focusing on how Virtual Royal Camp can help prepare you for back to school.

Communication Skills     

Campers have been able to develop their communication skills with the other campers and the counsellors.  They have had the opportunity to share and listen to different camper’s stories while following the virtual camp rules as well as respecting everyone within the virtual camp.  This is very important this year as many children are socially distancing themselves and not able to interact as often with their friends and other children around the same age.


Changing the theme weekly allows campers to learn new information about different topics which can spark passion or the desire to explore new topics and interests.  This is achieved through trivia, interest stories and themed activities and games.  Some campers specifically choose certain themed weeks as they loved the theme previously and we were still able to provide them with challenges and new interesting information.

Skill Development

There are many benefits with skill development.  At Virtual Royal Camp our main focus is on developing soccer skills and life skills.  These skills are developed through different exercises and activities that campers are able to do on their own but are directly applicable to the game.  Developing skills helps to build confidence, whether that is in their soccer skills, general athleticism or more confidence in themselves.

Tech confidence   

Normally camp is a time to get away from screens but this year screens have helped bring us all together.  With many unknowns about the upcoming year, developing confidence with computers can help campers tackle many different situations and scenarios.  If any classes or programs switch to online, campers will have had a positive experience where they have had to interact virtually. Overall, Virtual Royal Camp helps campers develop different skills which will help campers navigate back to school.  Through gained confidence in themselves, their soccer skills, sparking curiosity, developing computer confidence and communication skills, campers will be more prepared for the upcoming school year.

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