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How working at a camp WILL change your resume

Summer Camp is one of the most exciting ways to spend your summer, whether you are attending or working at one. Working at a camp can provide you with memories that will last you a lifetime! But camp can also give you the skills employers are looking for. Having a camp position on your resume can really boost to the top of the candidate pile. Skills you will gain or improve on at camp as a staff member:

Leadership:   Working at a camp will thrust you into the role of leading your own group of children or leading a group of staff. Leading a group of individuals through daily challenges and inspiring them to do their best during daily activities, will show employers your are ready to take on challenges that others are not.

Teamwork:    Have you ever heard of the saying “It takes a Village”? Well it certainly does take a lot of teamwork to run a camp. Despite any bumps in the road you may have had with either campers or fellow staff it is important to remember that you have to use your teamwork skills to successfully run a camp. Employers are looking for individuals that have the capability to work with a group of people regardless of any speed bumps that may occur “The show must go on!”.

Independence/Accountability:    As important as it is to be able to work with a group of individuals it is also important to be able to work on your own. At camp you are in charge of your own group of campers, which means you must be able to plan and organize your time effectively to make the best of every day. Employers are looking for independence because it shows that you are willing to be accountable for your own work and progress.

Communication:    As helpful as social media or even our phones are at making communicating faster and easier, those are not appropriate ways to communicate at work. At camp you are expected to communicate to campers, fellow staff and most importantly parents appropriately and effectively. Without communication camp cannot be the well oiled machine it aspires to be. Employers want employees to communicate with ease in order to have tasks and projects completed correctly.

At camp you hone these skills to create a broad background of experience that you can relate to any job you have in the future. You can use these skills as examples of answering those hard questions employers ask during your interviews. A questions like “Have you ever lead a group of individuals to greatness?. You can confidently use your camp experience to say “When I was a camp leader I motivated a team of individuals daily to complete tasks to the best of their abilities by motivating them to push through adversity and conquer each and every day.”

Working at camp is not only a rewarding experience for campers and staff alike, but it will open up more opportunities in the workforce having it on your Resume. Have no idea where to start? Go to to apply for one of our many, amazing job opportunities across Canada. It will be the first step in achieving your professional goals!

-Rachael Perz, Hiring Manager-West

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