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Why working at summer camp prepares you for a great career…

Progressive students think about what they’re doing for the summer, months in advance.  The pragmatic ones think about what summer jobs will help them with their career aspirations when they are done school.    Whether it’s a career in education, child care or sports and leisure, one would be very prudent in  pursuing a summer camp position in July and August.

Working at a summer camp prepares you to work with children, problem-solve, learn to adapt, manage your time & develop creativity.

Working with children

It is impossible to not improve your skills with children while working at summer camp.  It’s no surprise that you’ll develop great experience working with children ages 5-13 including dealing with different behaviors associated with a variety of age groups.  Many staff pursuing a career in teaching or early childhood education will benefit from the experience they get working with children at summer camp.

Problem Solve

Everyone thinks they are a good problem solving…but you haven’t learned anything like what you will learn at summer camp.  Every day poses challenges & problems you will encounter.  Getting the proper training for your summer camp job will not only assist you with the challenges you face at camp but this skill of problem solving will translate to almost any other career field you may choose to pursue.

Learn to Adapt

Each week at Royal City Soccer camp is a different experience! This means you will develop skills adapting to changing needs of a group and generally to changes within a workplace setting. Many employers will view this as a valuable skill, it means that you show an ability to adjust and still work effectively regardless of changes.

Managing your time

A huge career development skill that is gained from working at camp is time management.  With about 40 hours a week managing children in your care, you will become a ‘master’ time manager when it comes to the art of scheduling activities. At Royal City Soccer Club, working as a camp staff member will allow you to emerge as a leader in this area…a transferable skill for future careers.


If you are a creative person, camp will make you more creative.  If you are lacking in the creativity department, this is an area for significant improvement from working at a summer camp.

For those creative minds that enjoy developing new ideas and inventing – there is an opportunity to develop that as well, especially when working at Royal City Soccer Club! As staff, you need to attend to the needs of the participants by putting your own spin on camp activities, and what would work best for that week of camp. Creative thinking is important when solving problems, as not all issues will have a straight forward solution.

What do you think you will be doing for your future career? Whatever it may be, working at a summer camp is likely a recipe for future career success.


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